About Us


The first settlement of Samatra, Kutch village was established by two Leva Patel, Varsani brothers in 1758, 254 years ago. Gradually other families such as Gami, Pindoria, Halai, Kerai, Shiyani, Hirani, Bhanderi, and Bhudia’s joined in and strengthened the community as a whole.

The village of Samatra is located on substantially big hill, thus making its surroundings slopes, valleys and mountains naturally attractive and unique amongst the other 24 villages of the Leva Patel Samaj in Kutch. It is situated at 19km west of Bhuj, on the state highway to Narayan Sarovar and Naliya. Lord Swaminarayan during his stay in Kutch for seven years from 1805 to 1812, often rested at Samatra and held satsang while travelling to and back from Narayan Sarovar.

The first flow of people at Samatra started arriving in UK from Mombasa and Nairobi around 1962. They gradually established themselves and in 1972 set up Shree Samatra Leva Patel Community (U.K.). Since then it has been holding cultural and religious events to organise and unite people of Samatra in UK and the Kutch community as a whole.

Its first outdoor sports and cultural festival was held at Willesden Sports Centre in 1980 and now ever since the last 32 years, this event has become its annual function. There are now over 1500 people in the U.K. originating from Samatra, Kutch. Over the years they have helped build village temples, schools, community centre (samaj), 24hr drinking water facilities, sports ground, check dams, tree planting and other environmental improvement projects.

The water supply system for our Samatra village came into existence in 1972, the same year Shree Samatra Leva Patel Community (U.K.) was established. Hence it is a coincidence we are celebrating our 40th anniversary of our water supply system on tap back home, in Samatra. We are fortunate to have good underground water resources around Samatra. Today, more than ten villages have their water supplies from the bore-wells, located on the east side of Samatra. We should make awareness among all the people to make sure, underground water table levels and aquifers are not only maintained, but improved by water harvesting projects.

Samatra is blessed with mountains and valleys in its natural surroundings, with intensified efforts, we can divert rainwater underground to replenish water table levels and aquifers. We should all understand and remember that there is no life without water. Lets all come together and work together to achieve this noble goal.