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Welcome to Samatra Mentors Scheme. At Samatra UK, we are committed to supporting the personal and professional growth of our community members. Our Mentorship Program connects Gaam Members seeking guidance with experienced professionals from various fields. Discover a wealth of knowledge by connecting with our mentors. Engage in insightful conversations, gain practical advice, and explore potential career paths. Our mentors are here to help you navigate the journey towards your goals. Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to learn from those who have walked the path before you. Connect with a mentor today and unlock your full potential.

Photo of Dipen Bhudia

Dipen Bhudia


Specialising in commercial and domestic electrical works including landlord certificates

Photo of Vinay Bhudia

Vinay Bhudia

Film Maker

I studied Digital Film Production at the university of Ravensbourne and currently I am working on a variety of projects such as:
• Short Films
• Cooperate adverts & Campaigns
• Documentaries
• Live Shows
• Weddings
I have yet to decided where I want to specialise in, however I am exploring all other types of filming, editing, directing.…

Photo of Hiren Gami

Hiren Gami

Relationship Manager

I work in the Asset Management industry, my role sits within the Business Development/Client Relationship Team. My main responsibility is to protect existing assets and help contribute toward raisings new assets. Regions covered include Europe, Middle East, Latin America.

Jay Gami

Maths Teacher (Secondary)

Teaching mathematics to students of all abilities ranging from 11-18 years old

Photo of Pritam Kerai

Pritam Kerai

Engineer Technician

I was never as academically minded as my peers and felt I wanted to take a more practical approach and experience into the engineering industry, by doing an apprenticeship it allowed me to pursue the career in a way I felt more comfortable and direct. Learn hands on and obtain skills alongside professional throughout.

Photo of Nisha Patel

Nisha Patel

Optometrist and Behavioural Optometrist

I perform eye examinations and contact lens fittings/ aftercares.

As a behavioural Optometrist, I assist children with vision associated learning difficulties to optimise their performance through vision therapy.

I also fit specialised contact lenses for the film and television industry.

Photo of Bhaven Pindoria

Bhaven Pindoria

Aerospace Design Engineer

Design, develop, manufacture/test, modify and certify military and civil aircraft, aeronautical components and associated systems.

Photo of Dr Kishan Shiani

Kishan Shiani

Cosmetic Dentist

As a general dental practitioner I see a wide variety of patients every day. The NHS treatment side involves helping those with tooth pain to ease to their discomfort. Private treatment often include helping patients design a bespoke new perfect smile for themselves.

I also enjoy Boxing , running and meditation. I pursue an activism towards a plant based , ahimsa lifestyle and enjoy helping people to find balance in their diet and health in order to restore their ability to eat and smile with confidence.

Photo of Amruti Siyani

Amruti Siyani

GP and Life and Weight loss Coach

See all types of patients with both acute and chronic health conditions
Life and weight coach
Help transform the lives of clients by helping them modify their thinking and feel their emotions. I coach on a range of issues including weight loss, improving relationships and financial goals, helping clients to believe in and create their dreams

Photo of Champak Siyani

Champak Siyani

Aeronautical Mechanical Engineer

Aircraft mechanical maintenance engineer, including Planning & overseeing all aspects of aircraft maintenance for corporate jets

Photo of Khushal Siyani

Khushal Siyani

Quality Control and Pay Manager

Lead teams who ensure face to face and telephone researchers collect high quality data for clients and also to ensure our researchers are paid accurately and on time.

Photo of Rina Siyani

Rina Siyani

Reading Recovery Teacher

Deliver a 1:1 intervention called Reading Recovery to children in year 1 or 2. Deliver writing booster groups and lead on literacy across school.

Photo of Sailesh Siyani

Sailesh Siyani

Head of Operations

Strategic Property Management for a mix used development in Chelsea
Key areas of expertise:
• Business Turnaround & Transformation
• Customer Service and Quality improvement
• Leadership and Team building
• P&L / Operational management

Photo of Satish Siyani

Satish Siyani

VP: Non-Financial Regulatory Reporting Project Management (NFRR PMO)

Governance/Quality Assurance across over 400 reports that leave the bank regulatory fulfilment.

For reports under my governance team, we monitor the health and sustainability of these reports to ensure that they are, and continue to meet the regulatory requirements from which they were first designed. Control failures are scrutinised and viable remediation plans implemented. Regulators are engaged at all times for transparency.…

Photo of Sonia Siyani

Sonia Siyani

Specialist Primary Care Dietician

Provide diet therapy for patients in the community to improve management of their health conditions

Photo of Alka Varsani

Alka Varsani

Credit Control & Billings Manager

I manage a team of Credit Controllers, and manage debt for a leading ground transport company, debt management for both the consumer and corporates. Vetting credit applications, risk management, debt collection, negotiation. With over 25 years experience.

Photo of Dr Chandan Varsani Varsani

Chandan Varsani


I graduated as a dentist in 2018 from Barts and The London. I am now working in two mixed practices in Essex carrying out various dental treatments.

My specific role involves carry out simple treatments such as fillings, dentures and crowns; and to provide more complex treatments such as root canals and orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth.…

Photo of Diviya Varsani

Diviya Varsani

Architectural Technician

I am Diviya Varsani and I am an Architectural Technician. I have a BSc in Architectural Technology and am MSc in Building Information Management (BIM) I work for property developers specialising in residential and commercial developments.
My responsibilities include understanding the design and technical aspects of a project. I prepare and present design proposals/solutions using computer-aided design (CAD), 3D visualisation and other design software.…

Photo of Harshil Varsani

Harshil Varsani

Business Intelligence

I have recently graduated from University of Bath studying Mathematics. I work for an Asset Management company where my job title is Business Intelligence. On a day to day basis I produce and manage reports for the company and build reports using BI tools. I’m highly skilled in BI tools such as: SAP Business Objects, Tableau and Power BI.

Photo of Hitendra Varsani

Hitendra Varsani

Executive Director and Factor Strategist

Hitendra Varsani, is an Executive Director and Factor Strategist with over 18 years of industry experience based in London. At MSCI, Hitendra is responsible for innovative research and product development of factor, ESG, and climate indexes in equities and fixed income. Prior to joining MSCI, Hitendra was Head of the Quantitative and Derivative Strategies team for EMEA and Asia at Morgan Stanley, where is led the development of a suite of investable global factor-based index strategies across asset classes, spanning equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities, as well as futures and options.…

Photo of Jaydev Varsani

Jaydev Varsani


Working in GP surgeries and community pharmacist

Photo of Jiten Varsani

Jiten Varsani

Finance Manager

Providing a financial management service to clinical leaders and managers to allow them to make the right commercial and operational decisions to provide the appropriate level of care to patients

Photo of Lakshmi Varsani

Lakshmi Varsani

Clinical Hospital Pharmacist

As directorate lead, I am involved in the line management of a large team of pharmacists providing a ward service to patients. My specific role involves attending specialist ward rounds with the consultants, making clinical decisions on treatment choices. I am also involved at a higher level in policy and guideline development involving medicines and management of medicines budget for the area.…

Photo of Mahesh Varsani

Mahesh Varsani

Commercial Mechanical Project Management

My professional background is of Commercial Mechanical Project Management from trade hands on to white collar management with over 25 years experience.

Photo of Nilla Varsani

Nilla Varsani

Health Regulation Policy and Projects

I’m a qualified executive coach and have worked in a variety of roles in health regulation. This includes: working with tribunals when a doctors ability to practise safely is being questioned; developing ethical guidance for doctors; and working on a range of policies and projects relating to the education and training of doctors in the UK.…

Photo of Prashant Varsani

Prashant Varsani

Financial Controller

Working for a software venture capital investor, I provide all the financial expertise and operational support for the funds we manage. I also help our investment companies senior management and Board members to scale their businesses fast and in a control and process orientated way as they grow and mature from being a start up to an international business.

Photo of Prashun Varsani

Prashun Varsani

Management Consultant

I work with businesses to improve their performance by providing expert advice to solve problems and encourage growth, typically by leveraging technology to do this. I work with businesses across a wide range of sectors and I work across a wide range of business areas including business strategy, finance, HR and procurement.

Photo of Seema Varsani

Seema Varsani

Assistant Headteacher

I am part of the Senior Leadership Team within a primary school implementing the strategic educational vision of the Headteacher and ensuring high standards of teaching and learning for pupils are in place in the school to enable all pupils in our diverse school community to achieve to the best of their potential. I also currently lead English and English as an Additional Language (EAL) across the school.

Photo of Sheena Varsani

Sheena Varsani

Revenue growth lead for Middle East and Africa

Revenue growth is about optimising the companies spend. For example which promotion we should do in Tesco’s on Andrex 24 roll, what volume does £6 promotion give vs £5. My role would appeal to those who like maths and interested in business and commercial/sales.

Photo of Varisha Varsani

Varisha Varsani

Professional Hair and Makeup Artist

A bridal and non bridal professional artist is usually the first supplier which any bride or any bridal party comes across on morning of the wedding. We work to our full expertise to ensure our clients have the hair and makeup look which they desired using high quality products and service.