Clean Samatra, Green Samatra

Completed Projects so far:

  1. Rubbish collection and disposal system introduced.
  2. Drinking water filter plant installed for the entire village.
  3. New vathan infrastructure, extensive landscaping and the tree planting in massive fields and neighbourhood areas.
  4. A number of internal roads in central Samatra were resurfaced.
  5. Main temple road extended to Navan Highway.
  6. Samsan bhoomi road and tree planting on either side where possible.
  7. Vadasar road Naka to Talao Mahdev and tree planting on either side.
  8. Primary school frontage landscaping and tree planting in front area.
  9. Tree planting on main highway from Navan to primary school, where access available.
  10. Built Saat-Koshi Naku, road and bridge leading to Saat – Koshi Mahdev.
  11. Landscaping & construction of concrete roads opposite Hanumanji and Mataji mandir and Samaj chowk, leading to Bal-Mandir.
  12. Bhimnath Mahadev road tree planting.
  13. New street lighting covering the entire village.

Water Harvesting and Conservation projects completed so far:

  1. Widening and deepening of Ujamni Talao to almost double the capacity and size.
  2. Widening and deepening of three other Talaos in Samatra neighbourhood.
  3. Built check dam in the valley of Hadham Dhado mountain range and channelled the overflow in the canal leading into catchment areas of Ujamni and Bhambh rai Talao’s.
  4. Created a new Ujamni No. 2 Talao south of Ujamni No1’s ogan (overflow).

Ujamni New Projects Under Construction:

  1. 100ft long by 12 ft wide bridge over the Ujamni ogan (overflow).
  2. 35ft X 12ft wide bridge over the water inflow canal located at the south-west corner of Ujamni (near railway nalas).
  3. 20ft x 12ft bridge over papadi near Rajput Vaas. Rebuild and increase the height of 100ft long ogan by 1ft which will increase the Ujamni capacity by more than 50%.

Note: Sponsorships for all the above projects have been recieved.

Following new projects will begin soon:

  1. Ujamni Talao Island:
    1. Ujamni Talao Island and approach road construction will have all round boundary wall 2.5ft high, 1.5ft width and 2ft deep foundation and entry gate.
    2. Ground levelling, landscaping and necessary rain water drainage system.
    3. Ten trees will be planted with individual concrete enclosures for protection in early years.
    4. Permanent watering facilities for individual trees on drip irrigation system.
    5. Ten benches installed where necessary.

Note: Sponsorship of Rs. 2,85,000/+ have been recieved now.

  1. Sixty trees will be planted on the new West Bank and South Bank Ujamni Talao at 50ft distance with:
    1. Concrete enclosure for protection from cattle.
    2. Concrete bench installed at every tree position with donors name plate.
    3. Every tree will be on drip irrigation system.
    4. All trees watered regularly and maintained till matured.

Note: Sponsorship per tree with a bench installed Rs. 8,000 or £120

  1. Ujamni Talao No.2 sponsorship required:
    1. 300ft long embankment construction Rs 1,00,000/=
    2. 100ft long & 15ft wide ogan construction Rs 77,000/=
    3. 10 Trees at Rs 8,000 each with a bench


For Donations / Information, please contact:

  • Naina Maheshkumar Varsani: 07939156898