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Photo of Hitendra Varsani

Hitendra Varsani

Executive Director and Factor Strategist


Hitendra Varsani, is an Executive Director and Factor Strategist with over 18 years of industry experience based in London. At MSCI, Hitendra is responsible for innovative research and product development of factor, ESG, and climate indexes in equities and fixed income. Prior to joining MSCI, Hitendra was Head of the Quantitative and Derivative Strategies team for EMEA and Asia at Morgan Stanley, where is led the development of a suite of investable global factor-based index strategies across asset classes, spanning equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities, as well as futures and options. Hitendra has worked with broad range of investors covering the world’s leading hedge funds, asset managers, as well as asset owners, to provide bespoke services and solutions. Hitendra holds a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Kings College London, and a Masters in Mathematical Finance from Imperial College London.